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Mobile sub-stations

For primary and secondary distribution, command, control and instrumentation

The panel DY770/DY780 is manufactured according to Enel specifications that define completely container, equipments and lay-out; plans, sections, power single line diagrams of the switchboard are given in the specifications along with the materials and the required finish. 

These are meant to be used as part of the Enel Pre-fabricated Primary Sub-station, equipped with HV/MV transformer with a maximum power rating of 25-40 MVA and a pre-fabricated HV switchboard of type Y2. This houses a compact, air insulated, Boffetti Compact MV switchboard, with internal arc withstand characteristics, complete with protection, operation and control panel, mounted on rack type frames of Boffetti make, Boffetti make auxiliary service, dc and ac boards in compliance with ENEL specifications, and dimensions according to the plant requirements, TPT and MOIM equipment, power supply station complete with batteries and two air conditioners. The lifting and installation of the MV sub-station may be done by using four hydraulic or mechanical jacks, which upon request, could be provided with travel from the ground level up to a height of 1600mm, suitable for lifting the structure from the transport vehicle and for positioning the same on the supports, without making use of further moving operations or lifting equipment. As an alternative, the unloading from the transport vehicle may take place with the help of a crane thanks to the lifting eyebolts provided. Once the container is positioned, the horizontal side walls provided with double doors and hydraulic pistons are opened thus providing for the floor and roof of two further side aisles. These two sections are then closed with thermally insulated panels already provided with air-conditioning system. The entire system is controlled by a hydraulic control unit that is used to operate independently both the opening of the side doors, both the four jacks suitable for lifting the entire structure from the floor of the means of transport. Once positioned, it is possible to install a roof covering structure made of metallic truss, suitably fixed on to the roof of the container itself. These structures support beams on to which thermally insulated panels with an overhang of 500 mm from the walls are placed. This is a standard feature for DY77, and shall be provided upon request for other models.

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