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Our certifications
Boffetti S.p.A. carries out its activities according to:

with a quality system that complies with UNI EN ISO 9001 certified by CSQ / RINA (member of ICQNET)

with a certified environmental management system compliant UNI EN ISO 14001 certified by CSQ / RINA (member of ICQNET)

with an occupational health and safety management system according to OHSAS 18001 certified by CSQ / RINA (member of ICQNET)

a voluntary certification of its instrumental calibration service named "calibration of pressure gauges, safety valves and level, temperature pressure switches and transmitters" issued by RINA S.p.a.

other management systems in compliance with SA8000 - Social responsability of the company

Quality and Sustainability

Boffetti pursues the satisfaction and loyalty of its Clients on the path towards excellence in an increasingly competitive market; to enhance and rationalise inhouse processes, thus reducing squandering and inefficiencies, has chosen to adopt an integrated system to approach in a sustainable way each area that has direct or indirect impact on the business. This explains why the management of the company has steered its investments towards the implementation of an organization capable of striving towards these goals, counting on the technological advancement and the improvement of the working conditions of the company’s workforce, actively giving a contribution to the preservation of society and of future generations, whilst at the same time enhancing its performance.
For the company work-force, this change has implied working inside a fully safe, efficient and balanced environment. Instruments, vehicles, equipment for every purpose given by the company and currently updated with the technical evolutions of the market, procedures that promote the application of the most correct methodologies; specific and general training courses in order to enlarge the horizons of knowledge on themes and scope of the company. The plants feature an integrated system that includes all manufacturing stages, based on the aforementioned principles. This translates into the best possible cooperation between project designers and the production department, as both groups work in unison towards a shared technical objective, research regarding materials used for its realisation and continuous investments on the best possible technologies for machinery and instruments.
This enables the creation of competitive and cutting-edge products, capable of satisfying the needs and requirements of the market. Such policies give birth to a company that is client-oriented and has all the necessary tools to respond at any time quickly and effectively.